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Maintenance and repair of construction machines

Covering an area of 700 sq.m our dealer workshop is equipped with up-to-date tools and diagnostic instruments which meet the contemporary and future demands. We assume the preventive or scheduled maintenance and the repair of your construction machines and forklifts.


  Due to periodical trainings lasting several days and
  arranged by the manufacturers CASE, KUBOTA,
  KRAMER, BOMAG etc. our service technicians are
  familiar with the latest developments of technology
  and engineering of construction machines. This re-
  gular continuing education reduces the time and effort
  for error diagnostics extensively which guarantees a
  cost- and time-saving repair of your machines.

  For field installations at the customers domicile or at
  the building site our repair service disposes of 5 best-
  equipped mobile workshops provided with spare and
  wear parts that serve our whole application area (see


 Furthermore our repair workshop is provided  with
 heavy equipment such as an engine lathe, a rea-
 ming  appliance, a hydraulic press and several
 tube pressing stations. This machinery enables
 us to perform the working operations ourselves
 in a fast and flexible way which usually are done
 by third-party suppliers.

 Yet another factor to save expenses, to reduce
 the downtime and thus to improve productivity.

Condition precedent therefor is a spare parts depot containing the common replacement parts from our licensed partners as well as those from other manufacturers of constructing machines.

Our application area:



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